Google says mobile ad rates to pass PC rates

We’d so love this to be true.

The prediction comes from Google Engineering Vice President Vic Gundotra in a call with some analysts last monday (15th March) and he did not say when he expected the crossover to occur. However if Google think it then it’s probably true.

As far as we’re concerned it’s not going to happen this side of the decade, and it’s only going to happen if every advertiser finally realises that “yes I’ll pay more for an advert that’s delivered straight into the hands of a user when they need it most”, and unfortunately that’s just not going to happen.

Gundotra he noted that the number of Google searches on mobile phones have increased five-fold in the last two years.

“We hope and believe that there’s even a chance that we could exceed desktop in the future,” Gundotra said in reference to the cost per click of mobile ads.

Gundotra cited the availability of technology, such as the GPS data that can tell Google a phone user’s physical whereabouts, as helping the company create more “relevant” online ads.

We can only dream!!