iPad submissions start now

According to a report Apple on Fierce Developer http://www.fiercedeveloper.com/story/apple-now-accepting-ipad-app-submissions/2010-03-20 Apple is now accepting application submissions for its iPad device, and if a report in Business Week is to be believed everything is starting to go a little cloak and dagger if you want to test your apps on a real-life iPad.

According to details of an Apple email sent out Friday, developers must submit apps created via the iPhone SDK 3.2 beta to iTunes Connect by 5:00 pm PT on March 27 for release in conjunction with the iPad’s Apr.3 retail launch. “You will also receive additional information about submitting your app for final review before iPad ships,” Apple’s e-mail states. “Only apps submitted for the initial review will be considered for the grand opening of the iPad App Store.”

Apple has so far granted only a few select developer partners pre-release access to the iPad. Citing four sources familiar with the 10-page non-disclosure agreement preventing partners from spilling details on the iPad, BusinessWeek reports trials must be confined to rooms with blacked-out windows, with the device tethered to a fixed object–moreover, Apple won’t hand over the unit until potential partners deliver photographic evidence confirming they’ve complied with the computing giant’s demands.

We’re testing our iPad apps by putting an iPhone in front of a giant Fresnel lens and then screwing our eyes up. It’s just the same honest. well that’s what we’re going to tell the pensioners we’ve already promised iPads too for Christmas.