Windows Phone 7 Series videos

Curious about what Windows Phone 7 will look like? No we weren’t either, but someone must be, as Microsoft have finally this week released a Windows Phone 7 Series promotional video, and to be honest it’s actually managed to get us interested.

In the video Microsoft gives a quick guide to their new operating system – Windows Phone 7 Series through a day in the life with Anna – she spends the day taking pictures sending emails and playing Xbox games and it’s all very smooth. Nice music too, very lo-fi.

To be fair the interface looks really nice – there’s a lot of iPhone-like functionality – and we’re sure it will be accompanied by a big splash, but this is very late to get in to the market. However that hasn’t stopped Microsoft in the past. Bing was a late entrant and look at how popular that is.

So if you’d like to see where Microsoft is heading with Windows Phone 7 Series check the video out. We just wish they’d chosen something a little more snappy like Bing instead of the mouth defying tediously dull, Windows Phone 7.