Twitter still growing fast

Twitter released a mountain of statistics at Chirp, the company’s developer conference, about its business.

According to Twitter co-founder Biz Stone, over the past three years: Twitter has grown to a massive 105.7 million registered users (and it’s increasing by 300,000 each day, with 50% from outside of the US), with 180 million visitors to the site a month. With those users together posting 55 million new tweets every day. Not bad from a company with just 175 employees.  Biz Stone compares working at Twitter to being a bit like riding a roll coaster “sometimes your having fun and other times you just want to be sick.”

Stone also revealed just how much of a debt they owe third-party apps writers. Figures from Twitter show that 75 percent of Twitter’s traffic comes from outside of Twitter, which means tweets that originate from a third-party app that posts to the site. So it’s no surprise that last week (the 9th April to be exact) Twitter purchased Atebits iTweetie Phone and Mac Twitter apps, in a move to get back in to Twitter’s control at least some of that 75%.

Watch Biz Stone here

Watch more video from Twitter Chirp Conference here

BTW has anyone noticed the similarity between Twitter’s co-founder Biz Stone and Steven Merchant