UK spends £422 million on mobile software applications each year

LG have released a survey on Android apps ahead of the release of their new Android phone – the LG Optimus GT540 handset, and the app of choice for UK users from the 50,000 Android apps available is a money saving app rather than a gaming or lifestyle app.

LG estimates that the UK spends £422.2 million on mobile software applications each year, based on the survey result that the average smartphone user spends £3.20 per month on apps and that there are approximately 11 million smartphone users in the UK. And of that £422.2 the apps featuring voucher codes for money off products and services topping the popularity.

The five most wanted app types are:

  1. apps that save you money (25%)
  2. apps that save you time (9%)
  3. apps that help you stay physically and mentally fit (9%)
  4. apps that help you shop for dinner (8%)
  5. apps for gaming (6%)

The survey also shows that men craved apps to help them avoid awkward moments in life, like drunken dialling or texting and awkward silences.

Paul Trueman, Marketing Director at LG, comments: “This research has provided us with some very interesting insights into the app likes and dislikes of the nation. There is clearly a huge appetite for the continued development of apps and a hunger for even more innovation.