Apple and O2 are the perfect combination

If you have an iPhone and you’re on O2 you’re a lucky person. You think that O2 is the best network in Europe by a long chalk, and you think the iPhone is incredible.

Customer experience business Satmetrix, released its 2010 European Net Promoter Industry Benchmarks for the mobile phone carriers and mobile phone handset industry across UK, France and Germany, and the amongst the brands that did well were O2 and Apple.

The rankings are based on more than 24,000 survey responses from European consumers, including more than 8,700 from U.K. consumers who had purchased products or services from each company within the previous 12 months. Consumers also rated companies on various aspects of customer experience including product or service features, customer service and overall value, allowing Satmetrix to analyse drivers of loyalty and performance gaps.

According to Satmetrix;

“In the extremely competitive world of mobile phone carriers, where minutes and texts are given away by the thousand, delivering a customer experience that outperforms the market average and the rest of the competition will deliver a real business advantage. That advantage is possessed by 02. Its NPS of +24% is comfortably higher than the 3% average and 37 points ahead of last place in a field that included: 3 Mobile, Orange, T-Mobile, Virgin Media and Vodafone.

With 02 being the preferred network, the Apple iPhone won the best customer experience by a landslide. It beat other handset manufacturers that included: LG, Motorola, Nokia, RIM/Blackberry, Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Apple’s world class score of +67% was 80 points ahead of last place and 49 points ahead of the industry average.”

So there you are, chuck your phone away and get an iPhone on O2.

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