Apple 4th most successful ecommerce vendor in UK

IMRG Hitwise Experian top 50 May 2010

Experian Hitwise have published their 4 Year Anniversary Edition of the IMRG Hitwise Hot shops list and Apple are at number 4 a jump from their 17th position in May last year, and all on the back of the launch of the iPad. If the iPhone 4 traffic was added in who knows it could have hit number 1 or 2.

The list which ranks by popularity, as indicated by visits, the Top 100 UK e-retailers selling goods and services in the UK has relatively few mobile related sites in the top 100. Apple ( at 4th place, and O2 ( at 48th place are the only mobile vendors in the top 50.

But as you move in to the top 50-100 the mobile vendors start to arrive. Orange are number 51 with their portal’s shop (, Vodafone ( are not to far behind at 56th position.

Apple’s iTunes ( is listed separately, and hits 66th position.

The 3 Store ( is at 90 and surprisingly limping in at 96th position is the T-Mobile store (

Unfortunately we don’t know where Tesco and Virgin mobile came as they’re subsumed into the Tesco and Virgin main sites.

There are also a few revelations in there for anyone thinking about m-commerce, if you want to succeed the key seems to be;

a) have a well known brand
b) get yourself a physical presence

In the top 100 seven of the original May 2006 top ten brands are still in the top ten, six of the top ten have physical stores, up from four last May, and thirty three of the top 50 retailers have physical stores, up from twenty-three in 2006.

At number 1, Amazon’s dominance of the Hot Shops List has remained unchallenged every quarter since the List was first published in May 2006. Argos has retained second place this time following it’s move back to that spot last year.

For a full copy of the list go here Note you will have to register to receive the PDF.

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