iPhone and iPad users are sexy, official!!

Apple users spend more than anyone else on sex toys, statistics from the UK’s largest online sex toy retailer LoveHoney.co.uk (Warning don’t follow this link when you’re in the office) show.

LoveHoney’s web traffic, showed that iPad users have the highest average spend on sex toys, closely followed by iPhone users, then Mac users.

“Apple users might spend more than Windows users because they’re sexually more confident and are more adventurous in the bedroom,” says LoveHoney director Richard Longhurst. “Or it could be because they’re richer – those iPhones and iPads aren’t cheap.”

Despite Steve Jobs’s attempts to keep adult content off the iPad, owners are spending more than anyone else on sex toys.

A month after the launch of Apple’s latest device, statistics from LoveHoney.co.uk, the UK’s largest online sex toy retailer, show that iPad users spend an average of £59.06 per order – nearly double the amount that Windows users spend.

“The iPad is the perfect way to browse and buy adult products on sites like LoveHoney” says LoveHoney founder Richard Longhurst. “People can take their iPad anywhere so it’s private and discreet, which obviously gives people more confidence to buy.”

iPad users are obviously hungry for information and advice about sex and sex toys. As well as spending more money than anyone else, they also read 50% more pages on the LoveHoney site than average.

We used to work with Richard years ago, when he was a Morrissey t-shirt wearing geek, and editing .Net magazine. How things have changed. So that’s what the ivibrate app is for.

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