RIM launches MobileMe like wipe and backup service for BlackBerry users

RIM has launched an invite-only, limited beta BlackBerry wipe, find and backup product BlackBerry Protect.

Millions of mobile phones go missing every year and the value of the data on those phones is increasing disproportionally to the cost of the handset. Five years ago the most costly part of losing a phone was the cost to replace the handset, it’s now the cost of the data on there. There’s the cost of replacing your address book, and any notes, voice memos and office docs you’ve created on there, and we won’t mention the potential costs involved in resetting all your businesses security systems, because you forgot to password protect the system and now anyone can access your businesses plans for the future.

So it’s great news to hear that RIM have launched a beta version of a backup and protect service on RIM’s crackberry – iPhone users have had a find and wipe facility with the MobileMe since June 2009.

The new RIM service will let users find a lost BlackBerry, protect its data, and perform backup and restore. It can display the whereabouts of the phone using GPS, and helps users to locate misplaced devices by activating a loud ringer for a minute if close to the owner.

It can also be used to lock the device until the correct password is entered.

Alan Brenner, Blackberry vice president at RIM, said: “BlackBerry Protect is compatible with BlackBerry Enterprise Server, but it runs independently and a maximum of five phones can be associated with a BlackBerry Protect account.”

BlackBerry Protect is not yet generally available; it is currently in beta phase and will be launching first in limited beta through BlackBerry Beta Zone later this week via invite codes. If you’re a member of Beta Zone and don’t receive a download code, don’t worry, you will be able to try it out when it reaches open public beta later this year. If you aren’t a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone yet, it’s not too late – sign up for a BlackBerry Beta Zone account now

The service should be available in a multiple languages in the autumn.

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