Android to be the leading smartphone platform by 2011

Research from Ovum and speculation from AdMob show Android is catching up fast on the iPhone lead, and Android will overtake the iPhone sometime in 2011, possibly even as early as 2010.

Two recent pieces of research from analysts Ovum (see earlier Bmob post) and Android owned ad sales house AdMob show that if all the predictions for Android sales are right then the iPhone will be losing it’s crown of top dog smartphone sometime in the next year in terms of both sales and app downloads.

AdMob Team Manager Brendon Kraham announced at the just finished MobileBeat conference that Android users will outnumber iPhone users by the end of this year. AdMob’s figures are based on the current number of Android devices (50+ and growing fast) and current iPhone trends but probably ignore the recent analyst reports of the weekend that predict stellar growth for the iPhone and iPad devices.

Ovum, meanwhile, reckons that the Android platform will be responsible for 26 per cent of app downloads by 2015, compared to 22% for the iPhone (down from 67% last year).

Ovum expects Android to increase its smartphone base from five per cent to 18% penetration between 2009 and 2015.

Tell us what you think, is this just a bunch of ****, will the App store really lose it’s dominant market position? Let us know what you think below

For a full look at what else happened at MobileBeat there’s a full write up here

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