Even the comment spam hates the iPhone 4

As you would expect from a popular site we get quite a lot of comment spam. Most of it is utter garbage, there’s a lot along the lines of;

“your site is really great, i really love it, and by the way did you know there’ s this great slimming product etc”,

Or it’s a few relevant words taken from the story headline mixed in with a load of filler, and most of it is unreadable.

However over the last day, we’ve been receiving rather a lot of spam that seems to be anti-Apple and anti-iPhone 4, and unlike the rest of the comment spam it actually seems to have a point.

The latest one that tickled the Bmob fancy was this

“This sort of issue almost makes you glad you didn’t jump on the iPhone 4 bandwagon sooner. Surely there is merit in waiting until these issues are resolved before buying. I might make it standard practice in the future to hold off for a month or two when buying Apple.”

So who is the source? Is it Microsoft/Google/RIM/Samsung in cahoots against Apple and cunningly disguising themselves as ginny34@gmail.com at slimmingripoff.com ? Or is it a hacker with a grudge against Apple? Whoever it is, you’ve got to admit they do have a point.

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