T-Mobile now stocks the iPhone 4

Full house!!! iPhone 4 now on every major network

In the game of iPhone bingo it’s time to shout Full House!! as T-mobile finally comes on board with the iPhone 4. The only major network not to stock the iPhone is Virgin Mobile, but it can’t be long surely?

The iPhone 4, which launched over a month ago, is available on tariffs starting from just £25 a month. The lowest priced tariff gets you 100 minutes and texts and 500MB of data, but you’ll incur a cost of £259 for the 16GB iPhone 4 handset, or £329 for the 32Gb iPhone 4 handset and you’ll need to sign up for 24 months.

Monthly data usage ranges from 500Mb for the £25-40 per month tariffs, to 750Mb on the £45, and 1Gb per month on the £60 per month tariff.

If you want to get an iPhone 4 for free then you’ll have to go for the 16Gb model and pay £60 per month which will get you unlimited minutes, 500 texts and 1GB of data. The cheapest they do the 32Gb model is £49 on the £60 24 month tariff.

T-Mobile don’t unfortunately have the 3GS at the moment – it’s labelled as coming soon.

You can view the full list of available iPhone 4 tariffs on T-mobile by clicking here.

Strangely the white version has a “coming soon” next to it. Do they know something we don’t? The Apple store now labels the white iPhone as “currently unavailable for order” and gives shipping times for the black versions in the US and UK as 3 weeks. If you want the 3GS you can get it delivered “within 24 hours.”

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