Flash for iPhones? only if they’re jailbroken

For Flash get Frash

It seems that there are more and more reasons for jailbreaking that precious iPhone, and the latest reason is to achieve a hooky installation of Adobe’s Flash

Frash is a new app available to jailbroken iPhones and claims to be able to run Flash on an iPhone.

Frash is made by the same people who brought out the Jailbreakme software and is compatable with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS.

Frash is still in alpha stage, which means its in a very very basic state, strictly it’s not actually an app, you’ll need to do a lot of tweaking to make it work. However in the future they are hoping to support the usual games and videos, perhaps even LogMeIn’s Join.Me service that we reported on yesterday might work.

The application is available to download by clicking here. But warning, you’ll need to be a rocket scientist to install it – did we mention it was in Alpha – and don’t blame us if it takes over your iPhone and turns it into an email bot, or sends your bank details to a man in China, or at the very least – as Apple claims – it drains your battery power.

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