Top ten weird and common iPhone insurance claims

Please sir the dog ate it

As it’s Friday and we don’t feel like working we thought we’d look for something fun to occupy our time with so when we found this list of bizarre iPhone insurance claims we were delighted, and doubly so as it just confirmed what we always thought that iPhone users were a bunch of liars accident prone users.  What else can you concur from a statistic like one in five iPhone users have made an insurance claim during the past 12 months.

The study by gadget insurers came up with a veritable list of lies and falsehoods from the mouths of iPhone users. Bizarre claims such as ‘I dropped it from a hot air balloon’ and ‘my dog mistook it for his favourite toy and chewed it to bits’ are among the bizarre insurance claims made for lost and damaged iPhones over the last 12 months.


  1. I dropped it from a hot air balloon
  2. I lost it while sky diving
  3. It broke when my son used it as a table tennis racket
  4. I lost it while building a sand castle for the kids
  5. I accidentally buried it in the garden
  6. It fell into the kettle
  7. I dropped it in a food blender
  8. My dog chewed it to pieces
  9. Juice from a defrosting piece of meat leaked into it
  10. It flew out of the car window

One unlucky customer lost his iPhone after leaning over the side of a boat in Cyprus, to see it fall out of the rucksack and plop into the sea. And one owner reckons he was happily sitting in the local pub, when a friend spilled his pint of beer all over his phone.

Another unlucky male drove sharply round a corner, to witness his beloved iPhone sliding across the dashboard and straight out of his open window.


  1. Cracked screen
  2. Stolen while texting
  3. Couldn’t hear the other person when making a call
  4. Leaving phone on the car roof so it falls off when driving
  5. Pet knocked the phone off the surface
  6. Stolen from handbag
  7. Internet connection completely broken
  8. iPhone doesn’t charge
  9. Dropped in the bath / toilet
  10. Screen freezes

Other iPhone insurance claims include losing the phone under the wheels of a bus after it flew out of a pocket, and a teenager being forced to hand over his phone to thugs after they threatened him with a machete.

And one coffee shop assistant was busy making an espresso for a customer, only to turn around and find he had walked off with his phone which was sitting on the side.

Other more usual claims include losing internet connection, screen freeze, pets knocking the phone off a work surface and the fact the phone doesn’t charge.

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