BlackBerry App World cuts prices and revenue share

Cut-price apps are now to be available on BlackBerry App World but revenue share is reduced to 70%.

Research In Motion (RIM) has ditched the rule on its BlackBerry App World that developers have to sell their paid apps for a minimum of $2.99. But at the same time RIM have also announced that it will now be taking a 30% revenue share of paid app sales, rather than the 20% it took before.

The repeal of the minimum app of $2.99 means $0.99 and $1.99 apps will now be allowed on the store, bringing it into line with its rivals – on price at least.

RIM originally claimed that the rule would ensure that its App World was not swamped with cheap 99-cent apps, in contrast to iPhone’s App Store.

The change is part of a wider shake-up of the App World, which includes the official launch of the store’s v2.0 client.

As we reported late last month ( new features of AppWorld version 2.0 include credit card payments (and carrier billing in the US), improved app discovery via new charts, and a BlackBerry ID system to let users access their library of apps.

BlackBerry App World 2.0 also supports QR codes, allowing developers to publish codes for their apps which users can scan to go directly to their App World listing.

We think that the AppWorld is going to have to have a much more radical shake up than this to appeal to more users. But more on that later.