Android web consumption rises off the back of Droid devices

More Android users are getting onto the mobile web bandwagon according to the latest traffic stats from Quancast, which show Google’s OS catching up with Apple’s iOS.

Apple’s iOS platform is still a way ahead of Android in web browsing terms according to Quancast’s stats, but Android is rapidly gaining ground on its rival. In North America, iOS devices (iPhone and iPad in this case) command a 56% share of mobile web browsing, while Android has reached a respectable 25%, with BlackBerry languishing at the bottom with 9% of mobile web traffic.

The growth in Android consumption is a reflection on the popularity of the OS with manufacturers who want to buy into the iPhone market with out having to do all the r&d that Apple has, or taking the flack that Apple recently did.

Interestingly when you separate out the different manufacturers  you start to see some interesting trends. Android’s increasing share is not down to the multiple devices bearing the  Android logo. It’s actually all down to Motorola’s incredibly successful Droid devices, with Motorola responsible for an 11% rise in traffic since the Droid launch last November.

The graph also shows a significant decrease in traffic from the iPod Touch market, although some of this could be down to users waiting for the Touch 4.0, and also swapping to the iPhone 4, which showed a rise in traffic over the last few months.