25% of searches from Android phones are by voice

A new stat to impress the children has appeared on the Google Mobile Blog, according to Heaven Kim, Product Marketing person for Google Mobile “one in every four searches from an Android phone in the US is by voice.”

We’re actually quite stunned by that fact here at Bmob as in the UK we haven’t seen a single person searching by voice. Perhaps we’re a bit more circumspect in our mobile behaviour in the UK, or perhaps the voice search facility has difficulty with UK accents, although from some of the comments on the blog this doesn’t appear to be true.

If you haven’t heard of Google Voice then goto http://www.google.com/mobile/voice/ and download the app (if you have a BlackBerry or an Android phone) or use m.google.com/voice if you have any other phone, it works on iPhone, Palm WebOS, Nokia S60, Windows etc

To demonstrate just how useful the voice search facility is Google has created a YouTube channel devoted to interesting uses for voice search. None of the current four videos are laugh out loud funny, but we quite liked the one below best.

Google are on the look out for more uses, and more ideas for their videos. So can you think of anything useful? All we have is a mental picture of Dom Joly shouting in to a large phone and it’s not shifting despite 6Music’s best efforts.

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