Windows Phone 7 rumour mill

WP7 Coming to an operator near you "soon"

Microsoft are still not announcing the dates for the launch of Windows Phone 7, so the internet rumour mill has gone into overdrive.

At the moment the betting is on a European launch first – Microsoft leaked this info at least a few months ago – with the date speculated as October 21. Where as the US launch seems to be set to either the 7 or 8 of November.

According to Fonehome Windows Phone 7 will launch in Europe on 21 October according to the latest whisperings from the web, and the first wave of Windows Phone 7 phones will blast-off on the same day too

Website Windows Phone Secrets are saying that they have it on good authority that WP7 will ship on November 8 in the US. Engadget quote Microsoft expert Paul Thurrott who has a source that tells him the US launch date is actually November 8.

If you have any gossip on the launch date for WP7 then we’d love to hear it. Just email us at or write a comment below

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