Multitasking mobile and TV

Ovi has the app-factor

Years ago there was anecdotal evidence to say that most mobile web browsing was done between 6-9pm and via wifi, as users flicked through the web while watching TV.  And if you look at Twitter feeds for #xfactor #eastenders #corrie when the programmes are on, you’ll soon see evidence of mobile users twittering and watching.

So it’s no surprise that research from Intel has found that almost half of (45%) us have admitted to using sites like Twitter, Facebook and MSN messenger to discuss a TV programme whilst it’s on air.

Unsurprisingly, it’s the women who are leading this social change with more than half (51%) of them using the online chat offerings whilst watching TV when compared to only 38% of men. With the ease of staying in touch online, a fifth (21%) of Brits would actually cancel a social engagement if it meant missing their favourite programme. Fuelling this technological revolution is the increasing amount of hardware people have access to.  Devices used while watching TV include a laptop (57%), a desktop computer (23%) and an internet enabled smart phone (19%).

In fact, two thirds (63%) would like for their TV to access the internet so that they can find more information on the shows they’re watching, shop online and use social networking sites.

The year’s biggest TV events have seen conversation go online world-wide. While X Factor attracted over 11 Tweets per second (11.49), last year’s Strictly Come Dancing drove almost 7 Tweets per second (6.67) and even the more serious UK election debates drove over 29 (29.06) tweets per second.

So it’s no coincidence that Nokia have released an X-Factor 2010 mobile phone app on the Ovi Store. The app deliver news, views and gossip to punters 24 hours a day, is this just the first of many TV related apps?

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