Connecting your smartphone to the business network

Connecting smartphones to your business network has always been complicated, but Vodafone might just have an easy solution for you.

Vodafone’s Smartphone Professional is aimed at big business and focuses on the data security aspect of business mobility, enabling IT administrators to control applications, restrict a device’s functionality and remotely wipe corporate data from a lost or stolen phone.

Vodafone’s service also includes Good Technology’s ‘Good for Enterprise’ solution, which encrypts data from companies’ servers and restricts information access within a special application.

The service supports Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad users, as well as Android, Windows Phone and Nokia devices.

“With smartphones becoming increasingly popular, securing the way data is accessed and stored on these devices is crucial,” said Peter Kelly, Enterprise Director at Vodafone UK.

“Many businesses want to allow employees to use the mobile device that they choose to do their job most effectively. With Vodafone Smartphone Professional, businesses have the peace of mind that mobile devices and data are secure on the UK’s best network.”

Smartphone Professional clients, who will be charged per user per month, will also receive expert help from Vodafone employees.

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