Nexus Two coming this Christmas

The Google Nexus One launched earlier this year and removed from sale after a relatively short period is to have a successor and this time it’s a phone designed to make all the m-commerce gurus happy.

Speaking at the current Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt revealed the new device, and went through some of the new features. The new device will contains a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip that will enable contactless mobile payments

“I don’t think people understand how powerful these things are. This is a really good day for mobile.” said Schmidt.

Schmidt unfortunately didn’t give too much else away about the new phone, but an educated guess is taht it will more than likely run the next version of Android, ‘Gingerbread.’

Although Schmidt referred to the new device as the ‘Nexus S’, rather than the expected Nexus Two, speculation over the name is rife. Back in January there was talk of the family of the late Philip K. Dick, the author of the book on which the Blade Runner film and the Nexus name, were reportedly planning to sue Google for infringement.

The original Nexus One was manufactured by HTC, but Schmidt wouldn’t be drawn on who will be making the new device. Although the device didn’t sell well it’s still well liked in the mobile developer community, and HTC have gone on to make lots of good Android devices. However pictures on Engadget of a Google and Samsung labelled device seem to indicate that the S is for Samsung.

Earlier reports have suggested that the new Google smartphone could hit the shops in time for Christmas, if Gingerbread ships in the next week as it’s predicted to do.
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