Now we can all be Kindle publishers

Amazon have opened up their Kindle books to any platform that supports a web browser from eBooks to iPads, to the latest Google Chrome devices, so now anyone with a website can become a Kindle book publisher.

Amazon announced that their “Kindle for the Web” service will expand to enable anyone with access to a web browser to buy and read full Kindle books – no download or installation required.

When the new service launches – it’s still in Beta – bookstores, other retailers, authors, bloggers and other website owners will be able to offer Kindle books from their own sites, and earn referral fees through the Amazon Associates Program for sales made through their sites. Website owners can embed the Kindle for the Web widget and according to Amazon can “in a matter of seconds” start offering Kindle books.

Kindle for the Web makes it possible for bookstores, authors, retailers, bloggers or other website owners to offer Kindle books on their websites and earn affiliate fees for doing so,” said Russ Grandinetti, Vice President, Kindle Content. “Anyone with access to a web browser can discover the seamless and consistent experience that comes with Kindle books. Kindle books can be read on the $139 third-generation Kindle device with new high-contrast Pearl e-Ink, on iPads, iPod touches, iPhones, Macs, PCs, BlackBerrys and Android-based devices. And now, anywhere you have a web browser. Your reading library, last page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights are always available to you no matter where you bought your Kindle books or how you choose to read them.”

Tellingly the latest version of Kindle was announced at the launch of Google Chrome, is this a snub from Amazon to Apple?

More information about Kindle for the Web is available here As yet there’s no information as to when the site will come out of beta,

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