The rise of the two tablet household

You have how many tablets in your home?

An old acquaintance of ours once said “you know when you’re rich because you start to buy art.” Well that was a long time ago and the modern equivalent would be that you know when you’re too rich because you have more than one tablet, and just to prove our point a new survey from YouGov released today is proving us right.

New research released from YouGov’s UK TabletTrack study reveals that nearly a fifth (17%) of Apple iPad owners state that there is more than one tablet in their household, either owned by themselves or another family member.

The main reason for owning more than one tablet in the household – other than having more money than sense – is due to other family members using the tablet. Over a third (37%) of Apple iPad owners state that their partners use their iPad. Though the user friendly nature of the device may be influencing people to purchase the iPad, it appears that this feature is also attracting other members of the family to the device. Our TabletTrack research reveals that 14% of Apple iPad users purchased another tablet because their child was using it.

Whilst 17% of tablet owners currently own another device, almost a further fifth of all tablet owners (19%) are considering purchasing another tablet in the future. Of those existing owners, loyalty is high, with most users stating they will get the same device that they currently use, 71% of Apple iPad owners surveyed will get another iPad. However, the lure of newer tablets being released in the future may also drive an increase in the 2+ tablet households with 18% of Apple iPad owners stating that they will purchase other tablets that become available in the future.

YouGov concludes by saying “Tablets are attractive pieces of hardware and they attract people to them.  Recommendation and buzz is strong and this drives multi-tablet households where utility levels are high.”

How many tablets are in your family? We have one, we’d have two but we’re waiting for the new iPad to come out – early next year – before we choose.

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