Microsoft launches OneNote app for iPhone

Microsoft has taken the plunge and launched an Office app on the iPhone.

Microsft has a few apps on the iPhone already, in the UK there’s Tag Reader and Windows Live Messenger and in the US they’re joined by Bing and WonderWall (no it’s not a homage to Oasis), but considering the lack of a good productivity suite on the iPhone it’s surprising that there’s not been an Office related app. Well there is now, although not in the UK, yet.

OneNote for iPhone main screen

The Microsoft iPhone app OneNote Mobile, released today, allows users to:

  • View OneNote 2010 and OneNote Web App files and folders
  • Create flexible notes that can include text, pictures, bullets, and checkboxes
  • Check To Do items off on the go
  • Get quick access to the most recent notes
  • Additionally any changes made are automatically synced back to Windows Live in the background

Windows Phone 7 has a mobile version of OneNote built into it, along with other Office apps: Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, but at the moment WP7 is hardly mass market. Where as there are probably tens of millions of Office users on the iPhone who have been screaming at Microsoft to do something that gives them access to their Office files and ideally allows them to edit those files.

Early feedback seems to be positive, so far there are 96 reviews and it’s got three stars and reviews like this;

“I’m a fairly heavy OneNote user, and having this available on my iPhone is very useful as I can automatically sync my notebooks with my free SkyDrive account and get them on both my desktop and mobile. Awesome! Great!”

The app is labelled as “**Free for a limited time**” and it’s available here and on iTunes here, so hurry up and get it now.
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