Mobile developers are switching to tablet apps over Android

Tablets – particularly iPad tablets – are hot property with mobile developers according to the Appcelerator Mobile Developer Report, and the desire to get a iPad app out has put developers off developing for Android.

Appcelerator and IDC surveyed 2,235 Appcelerator Titanium developers from January 10-12, 2011 on perceptions surrounding mobile OS priorities, feature priorities, and mobile development plans in 2011 and the big important topic was tablets.

According to the survey a common refrain with developers was after iPhone, do I go Android or iPad? When it comes to apps Apple continues to be the number one priority with 10 billion app downloads to date but interest in Tablets is peaking and it’s not just confined to iPads.

Tablet interest was across the board, Android Tablet interest jumped 12 points in three months to 74% saying they are ‘very interested’ in developing for these devices. Interest in BlackBerry Playbook nearly doubled from 16% to 28%. iPad rose three points to 87%, while webOS Tablet interest remained flat at 16%.

With the Android Tablet market set to explode this year and the recent success of Samsung’s Android-based Galaxy Tab, 57% of developers say price will be the most important factor for success, followed by minimised fragmentation (49%) and then Android Honeycomb OS capabilities (33%).

Windows Phone 7 rose 8 points to 36% ‘very interested’ due to a better-than-expected launch, and respondents said that Windows Phone’s improved UI was a critical factor for the increase.

Amazon’s newly announced Android Appstore shows early promise, with 82% of developers interested in distributing their apps through the Android Market, 37% are interested in the Amazon Appstore, 13% for Verizon VCAST, and 9% for GetJar.
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