NFC on a key fob for wi-fi phones from Simlink and Morpho

Can’t wait for Apple and the other manufacturers to get around to adding a payment solution? Then why not try this neat little key fob that retro fits Near Field Communication to any Wi-fi enabled phone?

One of the first weird devices to come out of this years’ Mobile World Congress is a key fob manufactured by Morpho and Simlink that brings Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to all mobile phones with Wi-Fi capability, and it can be used for NFC payment, ticketing and access, among other applications.

The key fob contains a Morpho NFC-enabled SIM card with a secure application to enable contactless
payments without the need to wait for the next generation phone, and because it’s kept with your keys it’s less likely to be stolen or lost.

“Equipped in this way, the key fob can help to deploy any kind of Near Field Communication service – such as mobile payment, mobile ticketing or loyalty services – enabled by an NFC SIM card, with any kind of Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone right now,” explained Paul Naldrett, Senior Vice President for Telecoms at manufacturers Morpho.

“We are very pleased with this key fob, and we see great opportunities for it,” said Dr. Oddvar Risnes, CEO of SIMLINK AS. “The product is the result of our development of WLAN-enabled SIM cards, and we believe that the key fob will pave the way for many interesting business opportunities for MNOs. We are currently in
discussion with Telenor on use cases,” he added.

For more information about the key fob see the Simlink site