Google unveils One Pass system for online content

Google has launched a new payment system that allows users to subscribe to online content for a 10% commission fee.

Just one day after Apple made its App Store subscription service available to publishers, Google has already responded by announcing a similar service for its Android platform. The solution will also work in Web-based clients, allowing publishers to reach users on multiple platforms with a single solution.

Much like Apple’s implementation, Google’s One Pass provides users with a single interface where they can access and manage all of their digital newspaper, magazine and other content subscriptions.

Unlike App Store subscriptions, however, Google gives publishers much more freedom with regard to pricing models and flexibility. Publishers will also be able to give free or reduced subscriptions to paid print subscribers, and they can even utilise a freemium model if they so desire.

Features of One Pass include

  • New revenue stream
  • Purchase-once, view-anywhere functionality
  • Ability to give access to existing subscribers
  • Lightweight technology implementation
  • Business model flexibility (e.g., subscriptions, day passes, metered access, pay-per-article, multi-issue packages)

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