iPad 2 to launch March 2

Oh the irony, the rumours yesterday were all of delays for the iPad 2 and today we actually have a day for the launch.

Apple have sent out invites for an event on March 2 with a tantalising glimpse of an iPad and the words “come see what 2011 will be the year of.” (see pic above) It can only be the long-ish awaited iPad 2 announcement.

The news is notable considering a recent report from Taiwanese brokerage firm Yuanta Securities predicted that the iPad 2’s commercial launch might be delayed from April to June due to “production bottlenecks” at Hon Hai Precision Industry Co., which assembles the iPad.

However just because they’re announcing on March 2 doesn’t mean that it won’t still be delayed until June. Although they would be foolish to do something like that, nobody is going to buy an iPad 1 if you can buy and iPad 2 soon. Although it could be gambling that by pre-announcing it will stop sales going to RIM, HP and the Android Honeycomb tablets which are all due soon.

Apple has sold 14.8 million iPads since launching last April, including 7.33 million in its most recent quarter. The iPad contributed $4.6 billion to Apple sales, or 17% of its total revenue, in the company’s most recent quarter.

So what features do you think it will have?

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