Vodafone iPad data prices now confirmed

Vodafone has now confirmed it’s dedicated iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G data plans, as mentioned in our last post http://www.bmob.co.uk/2010/05/10/ipad-data-plan-prices/ They’ve also added roaming costs which are fairly steep, but they’re not off the map for roaming.

iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G Plans:
1GB  – £10 per 30 days
5GB – £25 per 30 days

As with the other operators plans the data plans will be available for 30-day periods, which will confuse the hell out of everyone, and when it comes to claiming on expenses could mess everything up completely eg “But you’ve already claimed for your iPad connectivity this month!”


“Our 3G price plans for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G offer customers great value on the UK’s best network.” said Guy Laurence, CEO, Vodafone UK. “We’re giving customers the power to make the most of iPad when they want, whether they’re on the move, at home or abroad.”

According to Vodafone customers who want to use the iPad abroad, can do so for “as little” as £9.99 a day, with up to 50MB of use. We hate weasel words, “as little as” is a meaningless phrase and 50Mb is a miniscule amount. The typical front page of a newspaper website is 1.5Mb, you’d only have to read 33 pages and you’d hit your daily limit. Thanks but no thanks.

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