iPad data plan prices

Hot on the heels of the iPad UK pricing comes the data plan pricing and quick off the mark we have O2, and rumours from Vodafone and Orange and a spat from BT.


On O2 all iPad data tariffs will be available without a long contract and include unlimited access to BT Openzone and The Cloud Wi-Fi hotspots at no additional cost. Plus customers will be notified as they approach their data limit with a direct link to iPad settings to check data usage, top up the account and upgrade or cancel their tariff.

O2 will be supporting iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G with a range of Pay & Go mobile broadband tariff options, and O2 MicroSIM packs for iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G will be available through O2 retail stores and O2’s website

500Mb £2 a day
1Gb £10 every 30 days
3Gb £15 every 30 days


Vodafone announced back in April (14 to be exact ) that the plans would be available at the end of May. But unconfirmed reports have the tarrifs

250MB per month for £10
5GB per month for £25.


Orange are also offering a per-day plan, as well as the standard monthlies.
200MB per day £2
1GB per week £7.50
3GB for £15 per month
10GB for £25 per month.


BT are also planning on launching a data plan, but they’ll have to stop arguing internally first. Read the, will we, won’t we, speech from ITPro (http://www.itpro.co.uk/622999/bt-actively-seeking-ipad-deal) Laugh out loud as “yes, definitely” moves swiftly to “I suspect we will be involved one way or the other.” That’s big business for you.

We recommend

We’d recommend O2 out of this lot, if you’re paying daily or monthly.


Not happy with any of these choices? Then you could always try and create your own MicroSIM with a chopping board and a meat cleaver see John Benson’s with photos explanation.

Beware geeks bearing axes!

Or you could wait until GiffGaff make one.

UPDATE -Vodafone iPad data plan updated
According MacWorld Voda are updating their iPad plan to bring it into line with what other operators are charging.

The new pricing has changed the 250Mb for £10, to 1GB for £10 a month matching O2.