Apple dominates Quantcast’s mobile web consumption figures

Web analytics business Quantcast has been drip-feeding data on UK and European web consumption all this week and they’ve finally got to mobile.  The figures show Apple dominating the market with a market with what Quantcast describes as “a relatively high smartphone penetration.”

The figures released by Quantcast in some very nice colourful graphics, show that Apple’s iPhone OS dominates the UK with 72.8% of the market, and that’s without the iPad data, as Quantcast don’t count it as a true mobile device. With RIM trailing way back with 10.5%, Symbian at 5.9%, Java at 3% and the others at 2.5%.

While we know that Apple is big – there are millions of iPhones in the UK market – these figures just go to show quite how hungry Apple users are to look at web content. However, these figures have to be taken in context. They do not cover the whole market, they look at and they probably don’t look at mobile specific sites, which in general have a different make up of devices from normal websites. According to Quantcast mobile traffic represents just 1.4% of the total web traffic in the UK – comparable to the US – but in our experience we’ve seen much higher figures than this. It all depends on the site and the audience.

We’re glad to see Quantcast has finally entered the UK market. The more stats the better!!