PayPal adds Android to it’s iPhone developer toolkit

The Baublet iPhone app allows users to pay for their goods via PayPal from within the application

Payments giant PayPal have added Android to their list of devices, with their latest update of their Mobile Payments Library. The library enables Android developers to add a PayPal payments system to their applications with a library of standard functions that can be added quickly and simply.

The Mobile Payments Library allows developers to add checkout functionality for donations, personal payments, physical goods and services sold without the need for developers to keep customers’ personal financial information.

The announcement follows on to the recent (April 27) release of the open beta of their Mobile Payments Library for the iPhone and iPad.

The library was in beta up to the iPhone launch and there are already several apps using the Library. Including custom charms by Baublet where users can buy and send photo charms directly from their iPhone.

The library can be downloaded from