MEX celebrates good mobile design

The winners of the 2010 MEX User Experience Awards were announced this week, and anyone looking for some good examples of mobile design, and mobile user experience are recommended to take a look at the entries.

Innovator of the Year

MX series by Movirtu with frog design

Judges’ quote: “We chose MX Series because it highlights the real user experience needs of the billions of new customers in emerging markets.”
The MX series establishes a virtual mobile phone system so that people who cannot afford to buy a handset to make and receive calls and messages using other people’s phones or street-side payphones.

Runners up:

Topsee London Designed by labs

On – life is better on Designed by Remy Bourganel & Seren

Professional category

Woobius eye: Real-time visual chat Designed by Woobius

Judges’ quote: “We chose Woobius Eye because it represents a great multi-platform customer experience and focuses on the needs of a group of users who can really benefit from new ways of combining visual and audible communication.”

Woobius eye allows users to collaborate in a more natural way over drawings and images, without needing to meet in person. Snap or upload a picture, draw on it using your mouse or your phone’s touch interface, and others will be able to see exactly what you mean.

Runners up

MX series by Movirtu with frog design

dxtr: 3 button mobile interface Designed by Ribot

Freelance category

BlazeBroker Designed by Kai Brunner

Judges’ quote: “We chose BlazeBroker because it is a great example of how focusing on the needs of specific users – in this case real estate agents – can create a great mobile customer experience.”

BlazeBroker is the prototype for a multi-platform mobile app for selling commercial real estate properties.

Runner up

Telepresent Robot Designed by Vincent MK Lau

Commercial category

On – life is better on Designed by Orange Vallee

Judges’ quote: “We chose ON because it is, at heart, a multi-platform mobile user experience which brings a truly human dimension to communications.”

On is a smart contacts app that lets people share organise contacts in different worlds by status, availability, location and voicemail.

Runners up

SPB Mobile Shell 3.5 Designed by SPB Software

Topsee London Designed by labs

Student category

Freedom Interactive Map Designed by Adrian Bliss

Judges’ quote: “We chose the Freedom Interactive Map because it was an inspiring example from a student designer, showing what the future of mapping might look like and how this can help users in their daily lives.”

Imitating the humble OS map holder, the ‘freedom’ interactive map is a recognisable and intuitive OLED interface that accompanies and guides the user throughout walks.

Runners up

Pulse – Communication for Kids Designed by Simon Smith

Viva – Stay Connected Designed by Heeral Roy Sharma

Below is a gallery of some of the winners and runners up