Mobile users view most between 7pm and midnight

Measurement firm Ground Truth’s first study of mobile media usage in the United States by time of day, found that in the month of April, 32 percent of daily page views occurred between 7pm and midnight, with the highest volume occurring at 9pm, local time.

The figures from Ground Truth’s April census of 4.24 million Americans show that from 4am onwards, Mobile Internet usage (as measured in page view consumption) climbs steadily throughout the day, with usage intensifying after 6pm and peaking at 9pm, when 7.2 percent of all page views occurred. Throughout the workday (9am-5pm), an average of 54 percent of mobile internet users browse content, with workday usage heaviest around 4pm.

“This data proves that mobile is, indeed, an ‘always-on’ medium,” said Evan Neufeld, vice president, marketing, Ground Truth. “On an average day, more than half of all Mobile Internet users are accessing the Mobile Internet from the moment they wake up until they put their phone down on their bedside tables. Mobile content has become well-established as a part of daily life, versus being merely a novelty or convenience.”