Zippo app hits 10 million downloads

The US developer of the virtual Zippo iPhone lighter app Skyrockit , recently announced that its app has passed the 10 million downloads milestone on the Apple iTunes app Store.

The app was launched back in September 2008, and lets users flick on a virtual lighter flame, with branding from lighter firm Zippo. The app now has it’s own website with hundreds of branded images from Harley-Davidson, Bob Marley, Rihanna, & rock behemoths like Kiss and Ozzy Osbourne.

The Zippo app is the second app to admit to reaching the 10 million mark – Fishlabs Barclaycard sponsored Waterslide Extreme game, reached 10 million downloads back in January (, and has presumably added to that total since.

Given the total Apple download figure of 5 billion apps downloaded, there must be more 10 million apps out there, but they’re just keeping mum about them. We’d like to think that both the Facebook and Google apps must have surpassed 10 million.