iPad bandwagon jumping volume 1 number 23 – Tailoring?

Now this is an interesting use of the iPad, an overpriced notepad, we think not. It’s just another desperate attempt to surf the wave of iPad publicity.

Bespoke mens tailor King & Allen,are suing the Apple iPad in their shop to “improve and enhance the customer buying experience” which equates to they’re using it to write down the fitting measurements and email it to the tailor.

They could have done this with a £50 PDA, but no they’ve chosen to do it with £500 of hi-spec technology. Do we sense that King & Allen have perhaps sensed a publicity bandwagon and jumped on it with both feet.

Here’s more of their amusing release.
“King & Allen who are already trialling it with a view to the iPad playing a key role in the fitting and ordering process through the use of a pre-existing app. This will allow the fitting tailor to record measurements and customer requirements in real-time during the fitting itself. Once entered and verified the measurements will be sent directly to the master tailor, so ensuring the accuracy of the information and speeding up the whole process.”

Here’s the best bit; “The usability, beautiful design and lightness of the iPad make it even more functional that the traditional pen and paper for the fitting tailor to use. The interactive nature of the iPad touch screen along with its size make it the perfect tool for capturing the customer’s measurements and specific requirements. This coupled with the ability to transfer the information directly to the tailor makes the iPad a very powerful device in meeting our business needs,” said Adam King, Partner, King & Allen.

Full marks to the PRs for this.