How to upgrade from a 3GS to an iPhone 4 on O2

O2 have revealed their “Early Upgrade Charge” Offer for Pay Monthly & Business customers and it’s quite straightforward. The offer is open for a limited time but there’s nothing that says how limited this offer is.

If you have an iPhone contract and a 3GS phone and you want to upgrade to an iPhone 4 then you need to know when your current contract with O2 ends. Then you have to pay a one-off charge equal to £20 for each full month left on your contract – Business customers pay the VAT free price

So if your contract runs out on

24 July 2010 it’s free
24 August 2010 the cost to upgrade is £40
24 December 2010 the cost to upgrade is £120

Pay Monthly customers can pay for their “Early Upgrade Charge” with a Debit or Credit card, Businesses will be able to add this charge to their O2 bill.

You can offset some of that payment if you trade it in with O2’s recycle facility.

So in order to qualify you have to:

1. Have paid your Early Upgrade Offer charge;
2. Sign up for a new 18 or 24 month minimum term Pay Monthly or 24 month Business airtime contract with O2 with an iPhone at the normal price for that phone and on their iPhone tariffs; and
3. Agree that you won’t have a change of mind period and won’t be able to go back to your old tariff.

There’s a full set of terms for the Early Upgrade Offer which you can read here.

O2 also state that the reduced cost offer cannot be combined with any early upgrade eligibility you may have as part of O2 Priority List.

If you don’t already know your contract renewal date you can find it out by texting DATE to 21302,

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