Oldies mobile conference nets Stirling Moss

Who do you think you are Stirling Moss?

The Second Senior Market Mobile conference speakers list has been announced and it looks like it’s going to be a great event. The conference is aimed at getting mobile marketeers to understand that it’s not just 20 year olds that carry mobile phones.

There is a whole strata of under-served mobile users who are wealthy, growing quickly and have time on their hands and unlike the grumpy fuddy duddy image the senior market is actually quite cool.

The conference will be opened by the coolest octogenarian on the planet: legendary British racing driver Sir Stirling Moss OBE who will be talking about his life, motor racing and technology.

Other speakers include

  • Eveline Pupeter-Fellner (Emporia) on growing the market
  • Andy Logan (Matob) on lessons that can be learned from speaking to senior users all day, every day
  • Chris Millington (Doro) , “Don’t call me a Senior”. Taking technology to the user, the communication style to use.
  • Ron Schaeffer (Wolfson Electronics) on how to build of significantly better audio
  • Alastair Sommerville (Acuity) on NFC for seniors
  • Ian Hay (Orange) on the Universal Charger and the inclusive challenge
  • Mike Bradley (University of Cambridge) on how inclusive design is an ethos and how Ford dropped the ball with the Focus.
  • Ewan MacLeod (Mobile Industry Review) on designing a service to connect grandparents to media from their family
  • Gus Desbarats (The Alloy) on how to make phones for seniors that don’t look like phones for seniors
  • Ian Hosking (University of Cambridge) Building something everyone understands
  • Jeremoe Nadel(Sagem) explores how to create an easy and intuitive design for richer phone experiences
  • Simon Rockman (Senior Market Mobile) on the perfect phone for seniors.

Senior Market Mobile is on July 6th 2010 and the event costs £360