WorldLenns augmented reality app for iPhone 3GS

New York and Shanghai tech developers QderoPateo have launched a really interesting app that combines augmented reality, music, the arts, and social networks. 3G users unfortunately aren’t going to be able to use this as it requires the digital compass only available on the 3GS iPhone 4.

The free app allows users to take photos or post messages – they call it “spacetagging” – at specific events or geographic locations and virtually post them at that location for other people to discover. Other WorldLenns users in that area can then find and read the virtual message and photograph or leave their own.

The Spacetagging actually reminds us of an old UK mobile advert, and we’ve been racking our brains to remember which one it was and we just can’t think of it – HELP?

Described as “Foursquare on steroids,” the app is one of the first Apple apps to grasp the augmented reality baton and run with it. It has also cleverly thought about this not just from a consumer perspective but also from the business angle. QderoPateo expect to add a number of specialised channels for performing artists, entertainers, sports leagues and teams to WorldLenns in the coming months. The first channel is for US country artist Taylor Swift apparently she’s dead big in the US.

“This is the first music centric iPhone application capable of tagging the real world,” said company co-founder Steve Chao, who noted the company worked with singer Taylor Swift to create a dedicated “channel” for Swift to allow her to communicate with fans and increase interactivity at concert locations during her current tour.

Price – Free

Phones – iPhone 3GS and later

Bmob Score4/5

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