iTunes Connect Mobile released

Apple has released a new App Store application called iTunes Connect Mobile, designed to help developers access sales data for their applications distributed through the App Store.

The iTunes Connect Mobile application allows developers to access their sales and trend data from iTunes Connect. You can now view your daily and weekly sales data related to updates, paid and free apps as well as In-App purchases. Whether at the office, at home or on the go, iTunes Connect Mobile keeps you informed about your sales numbers right on your iPhone or iPod touch.

The application is compatible with the iPhone and iPod touch on iPhone OS 3.0 or higher and will also run on the iPad, although not it is not a universal application and thus lacks an iPad-specific interface.

Early feedback from users is good, although users think that it’s slow on everything from the 3GS to the iPad, and they’re disappointed that it “lacks the ability to show revenue”, although how hard can it be to multiply the sales by 59p, and then times by 70%? It also doesn’t quite get the thumbs up that AppSales-Mobile does. But it’s early days.

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