Standard app gets 73,000 downloads

The evening standard iPhone app has been downloaded by over 73,000 users since it’s launch and is at the top of apple’s iTunes charts.

Additionally the app has also been a success in the US where according to the Standard “it was among the top 10 free news apps”. We suspect this was on launch and wasn’t for very long it’s not even in the top 200 in the US at the moment.

One thing we can’t argue with is that at least they made the effort to launch on multiple platforms – there’s an iPhone, Blackberry, Java, Windows Mobile and an Android version of the app and for that they – or at least Handmark – should be awarded an AOP award.

The Standard also revealed that their standard website has a healthy number of users, with 3 million visitors in May, with half from the UK, and that’s on the rise. Last week there were 900,000 visitors and 400,000 of those were from the UK.

Speculation,  that at least some of those 500,000 visits were from the former KGB agent owner Alexander Lebedev’s old colleagues checking up on him will be severely frowned upon.

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