iPhone 4 first batch already sold out

Bad luck if you want to buy a SIM-free version of the iPhone 4 and receive it on the 24 June, they’re all sold out. The Apple pre-order website now gives the delivery date for both the 16 and 32 GB versions of the iPhone 4 as 2 July.

The pre-order site went live yesterday – but only after a few hiccups – where it advertised shipping dates as 24 June. If you look at the site today it’s 2 July. There’s only two solutions to getting an iPhone on the 24 June, either queue up in the very long queue at an Apple store, or register with one of the networks.

None of the networks have advertised their pricing for the iPhone 4, apart from Vodafone who MAY have let slip pricing late last week, but as they seemed to be providing pricing for the still to be launched white version of the iPhone, it’s doubtful if the prices were correct.

If you want a 8Gb 3GS version – presumably with IOS 4 installed – you can still get a SIM-free version of that for the 24 June.

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