iPhone 4 pricing and pre-order now live

The Apple iPhone 4 is now available to pre-order directly from Apple http://www.apple.com/iphone/pre-order/.

An iPhone 4 can be yours for just £499.

“When you purchase your iPhone from the Apple Online Store, you’ll get it SIM-free. So you can sign up for service with the carrier of your choice and change your carrier at any time,” explains the product page.  Which until 2pm was still saying we’re busy.

The Apple iPhone 4 is currently being advertised as available for delivery on 24 June, and if the demand for the iPad is anything to go by it won’t be long before that heads into the next month so if you want a SIM-free iPhone 4, you’d better strike soon.

The 16GB black iPhone 4 is available for £499, while the 32GB edition costs £599, making the iPhone 4 similar in price to the 3G edition of the iPad. Black versions of Apple’s new phone are available to pre-order now. The white version doesn’t have an availability just yet. The 8GB 3G S can also be bought SIM free for £419 with the same shipping date of the 24th June.  That’s £30 cheaper than Tesco http://direct.tesco.com/p/inc/specials/iphone/tariffs.asp

You can also reserve an iPhone 4 to collect from an Apple Store, from the Apple website.

Contract pricing is still quiet. We registered with all of the networks and we’ve still to hear from any of them via email. More news later

(UPDATE 1:16PM The site is still showing the “we’ll be back soon pic” and encouraging users to call a telesales rep 0800 048 0408 Annoyingly you get a voice activated automatic system rather than a press button 1 type response. Additionally most mobile networks charge for 0800 numbers so you could be in for a long and expensive wait)

(UPDATE 2:10 pm) UK pre-order is now up and running

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