Sun iPad application

Where's page three?

Rupert Murdoch’s favourite newspaper The Sun  has launched an Apple iPad app, and the world has to wonder just how many Sun readers are going to a) have an iPad and b) will fork out £5 a month for the privilege of downloading the paper.

The app launched today costs £4.99 ($7.99 in the US) for the initial download and the first month of downloads free, and then a £4.99 subscription every 28 days after that.

This makes it half the price of  The Times iPad app, which launched with a £9.99 download point and then the same price every 28 days.

The app includes the full daily print edition of The Sun, plus an ‘iEdition’ for breaking news – a neat feature that we haven’t seen in many other newspaper iPad apps.

Strangely enough the pics on the iTunes store don’t feature any page three lovelies, nor do they highlight any of the papers more normal headlines.

Version 1 also does not yet include interactive puzzles or crosswords.

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  1. Hi, Tom from The Sun here.
    Thanks for mentioning The Sun’s new iPad app in your site, we really appreciate it.

    We’ve had some reports of a bug in the latest version of the app (1.1). Currently the fix is to delete and re-install the app as opposed to upgrading from version 1.0.

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