Android catching up on iPhone lead

Mobile data analysts Quantcast have released their monthly figures for vendor and operating systems and once again Apple is on top of the vendors, but when it comes to operating systems Google’s Android is starting to fight back.

Quantcast’s May figures for operating systems show Apple’s IOS  at 72.6% with RIM at 10% and Android at 7%.


Looking at the trend chart, it appears that Google’s Android is beginning to see some real share gains. And Quantcast predict that it may start to take significant share from Apple as it has done in the US over the past few months.  However the sales of iPhone 4 will surely stop their  fall for at least a few months after the June  24 iPhone launch.



The May mobile vendor share for the UK also sees Apple dominate.


Quantcast’s figures show Apple still have a dominant position with 72.6% of the market, but Quantcast are starting to see other vendors starting to take a slice of the Apple pie, as Apple start to see  month over month declines.


Overall BlackBerry have been the strongest performer in the last year up 2.4%, but there’s bad news for both Sony and Nokia as they see year on year declines. In the quarterly figures Apple is down by 1.4% but huge Christmas sales and Orange and Vodafone taking on the iPhone have reduced the year on year fall to just 0.5%.


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