68% of companies actively encourage mobile working

A new survey from Citrix that looked at our different attitudes to workforce mobility, show’s the UK leading the way in Europe.

The headline figures from the Citrix survey show;

  • 47% of UK businesses have adopted more mobile working habits in the past five years
  • 68% of UK companies actively encourage and enable staff to adopt mobile working
  • 31% of employees say they can be just as productive when working remotely
  • a further 23% confirm that mobility is now an essential part of their way of working

According to the survey of senior decision-makers in 3,000 public and private sector organisations across Europe, almost half of UK businesses (47%) have seen an increase in workforce mobility over the past five years, compared to 31% in France and 27% in Germany.

The survey also revealed that 68% of UK companies are actively encouraging their staff in adopting more mobile working across all parts of their organisation, compared to just 32% and 26% in their German and French counterparts.

Interestingly and surprisingly more than three-quarters (77%) of UK respondents said that their organisation provided the technology to enable effective mobile working, with mobile computing devices such as laptops or notebooks the most popular (77%), followed by smartphones (44%).

Generally, UK organisations reflected the most positive attitude towards enabling a more effective workforce, as 30% actively encourage all staff to adopt mobile/remote working (compared to 18% overall), with a further 38% supporting mobile/remote working across departments where it is necessary for the job (compared to 24%). Companies everywhere clearly recognise the need for change, as only 6% of UK organisations now actively discourage mobile/remote working.

To discover more about Citrix and the benefits of flexible working Citrix have a dedicated site at  www.workshifting.com

We just had a very interesting web conference with Citrix’s Brett Caine, where he outlined the work that they’re doing with businesses to help them achieve better mobility and there are some great products out there, and we’ll be looking at them in detail in the next few weeks.