84% of mobile broadband users suffer connection problems

The latest findings from YouGov’s  Dongle Tracker survey found that a huge proportion of users – 84 per cent to be exact – had issues with their connection.

Chief among the problems cited was slow speeds, affecting 67 per cent of users. Close to half (49 per cent), had problems with coverage and 45 per cent were sometimes unable to connect. A further 40 per cent found they could connect, but the connection dropped. A slow speed connection was also the problem that happened most often.

Researchers found that video content is having the greatest impact of all types of Internet traffic on mobile broadband connections. An average YouTube video streams at 1Mbps, but the capacity of a single cell site running HSDPA is 18 to 21 Mbps. YouGov calculates that 36 per cent of mobile broadband users watch video online, at least occasionally.

Video users generate above-average revenues for mobile broadband networks, but video users almost always experienced quality issues, with multiple pauses in the video play back chief among these.

Networks rely on fair usage policies and usage caps to try to manage quality of service, but YouGov also found that only 42 per cent of users knew that they had a fair usage policy, even though when questioned further most people agreed that such policies were justified.

Mobile broadband users also said they were willing to accept “content adaptation”, such as smaller video playback windows, if it improved quality.

The survey, and the recent data caps from the mobile network operators  makes us exceedingly happy at Business Mobile because it means that more and more people are going to need mobile websites. You know where to get in touch expert@bmob.co.uk

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