Google Docs goes mobile

A doc on a phone!! Sorry I thought you said it was a dog viewer

Google has launched via their Googlemobile blog a mobile website version of its Google Docs viewer, which lets people read PDFs, PowerPoint presentations and Word docs in their browser.

The site works for Android, iPhone and iPad, and lets people pan and zoom within pages, and use pinch-to-zoom on the iPhone and iPad.

This is the latest example of their commitment to mobile, and the huge effort that Google are putting into mobile.

Last week (June 17) UK and Ireland managing director for Google, Matt Brittin described mobile as a marketing and communications medium that is currently in ‘take-off mode’ and at the start of a ‘real revolution’. Adding that we are at the very start of “a revolution where the internet and mobile devices collide and it’s going to change the world over the next three years.”

You can try it out for your self by going to on your Android-powered device, iPad or iPhone and select any document in these formats that you’ve previously uploaded. Unfortunately you can’t edit the docs but this is a start and a it’s a very useful start.

One question remains a Blackberry version, Windows Mobile version?

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