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LogMeIn Rescue can now backup your iPad, although, surely if you’re really sensible you should be saving all of your data in the cloud and using the iPads wifi and wireless capabilities. However that’s us getting nitpicky and totally missing the fact that people don’t backup as much as they should, or the actual target audience for this tool.

To be fair the new release of LogMeIn isn’t really aimed at end-users it’s more a business tool. The release gives IT helpdesks and service providers the ability to remotely support an increasing number of iPads entering the workplace.  Initial features include the ability to remotely support iPad users using chat — desirable for both end-users and large support organizations – as well as capabilities designed to ease common issues with email and calendar configuration.  The iPad support features are immediately available to new and existing customers as part of LogMeIn Rescue’s mobile add-on, which also includes support for iPhone, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile devices.

The new iPad features extend the list of devices and popular mobile operating systems supported by LogMeIn Rescue.  The remote support solution gives IT helpdesks and support staff the ability to remotely control and troubleshoot PCs and Macs, as well as Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and iPhone devices as part of an attended support session.  In addition to internal and external IT organizations, major service providers, ISVs, and five of the world’s top ten mobile carriers use LogMeIn Rescue to provide support to their remote users and customers.

See below for a video demonstration of the new iPad support features in action

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