Mobile users are getting the hang of vouchers

Charles D’Oyly, managing director of Valassis Europe

New research shows that mobile users are gradually coming to terms with mobile coupons, especially in the cinema and restaurant sectors, but there’s still a long way to go.

New research commissioned by the coupon and voucher services provider, Valassis, found that despite the media chat mobile coupons are still in their infancy, with 3% of mobile owning households having downloaded a coupon or voucher from a mobile phone in the last 12 months. Encouragingly, 22% of consumers yet to do so said they would be willing or very willing to download a mobile coupon.

Most of the coupons and vouchers downloaded from a mobile phone were for the cinema (47%), closely followed by restaurant chains (40%) and supermarket food shopping (18%).

Commenting on the research findings, Charles D’Oyly, managing director of Valassis Europe, said: “Coupons and vouchers are a staple part of shopping in the UK and are increasingly popular amongst younger people.

D’Oyly continued: “Like consumers in the US, the UK is becoming a nation of ‘coupon clippers’ and digital coupons are now starting to make their trans-Atlantic voyage. The research shows a marked increase in the use of internet coupons that is reflected in the rise of internet shopping, especially on supermarket websites, and the volume of coupons that consumers are downloading or printing from the internet will continue to grow.

“Conversely, mobile couponing technology is far less advanced in the UK, but consumers spend a significant amount of time on their handheld devices and we expect to see a rise in mobile coupons as brands seek to take advantage of this.”

We say
While the figures for using cinema coupons – undoubtedly a benefit from the Orange Wednesday campaign – and for restaurants are healthy, the report actually makes quite depressing reading. Considering the huge number of mobile phone users in the UK, and the surveys findings that we’re actively looking for coupons/vouchers, the 3% of mobile owning users downloading coupons etc is extraordinarily poor, either the public don’t like them, or businesses just don’t understand the benefits, and we hope it’s the latter rather than the former.

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